A very Special round glass, Art Deco or Modern style feature mirror, in 2 sizes to suit your home or office decor needs.


Special round glass feature mirror 59.5 cm diam.

These unusual mirrors can be placed almost anywhere in your home or office.
They are very beautiful and flexible and can easily be repositioned at your discretion - to suit the occasion, or just your creative whim!

The Outer ring comes forward to give a 3 dimensional look, further enhanced by a 2 cm thick black outer edge. The overall size is 595 mm diameter. Its Central mirror is 335 mm in diameter. The Outer ring is 130 mm wide. Thickness is 2 cm. Its Unpacked Weight is 5 kg.
This mirror is sure to attract attention in any setting, be it your bathroom, entrance foyer, lounge or dining rooms, because of its smart clean appearance and versatile style.
ALSO AVAILABLE IN A BIGGER SIZE OF 795 mm outside diameter, inside mirror is 530 mm with Outer ring being 130 mm. 2 cm thick, black edging and 7 kg weight. NORMAL PRICE IS $275. SPECIAL PRICE IS $225.

Order yours NOW - before they sell out.

Art Deco Or Modern style round glass mirror

Elegant and versatile style of mirror, at home, in a Modern or Art Deco environment
Elegant and versatile style of mirror, at home, in a Modern or Art Deco environment
Unpacked, it weighs 4 kg and is 59.5 cm outside diameter x 2 cm thick.

Price (excluding Delivery): $ 175 In Stock. Order yours NOW - before they sell out.

WM-RU-CC-595: Art Deco Or Modern style round glass mirror

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