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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

20 Questions about Us Framing your Memorabilia, Medals, Trophies, Awards, Certificates, Photos, Coins, Mirrors and all other things of value to you.

5 things you should ask about Us.

Click the Question and the Answer will appear... 1. Why should I come to you for my Framing or Mirror?"
  • We are a small family business specialising in custom framing all forms of artworks, posters and pictures including mirrors of various styles.
  • Over the past 50 years, we have been happy to exceed many of our customers expectations - see for some testimonials.
  • We can match most existing frames and mirrors in both style and quality from our extensive sources. Contact Us for your special needs.
  • As well as sell beautiful frames and mirrors, we also custom frame all sorts of things to enhance enjoyment and value.
  • Click on football jumpers, trophies, medals, certificates models, and tapestries to see how we protect and enhance the display of these valuables.
2. Is your website safe?"
  • Yes it is! - and here are the reasons.....
  • Our website is not designed for online purchases, so your ID and financial credentials can never be stolen or compromised here.
  • You can make an Order to have us reserve your Ordered Items for either, a no-obligation in-store inspection
  • or get a delivery quotation for your Ordered Items to your location if you are keen on a delivery or can't come into our shop.
  • It should go without saying but there will never be any unsavoury, illegal or misleading content, either in our bricks'n'mortar shop or this website.
  • Nor will we ever link to any site that does not match our highest ethical standard.
  • We do not keep any records online of your details except for an email address if/when you signup for our free Monthly Newsletter.
3. REPAIRS..I have a broken frame and glass. Can you fix it?"
  • YES. New glazing and frame repairs are done as needed.
  • Our expertise ranges all the way up to Archival and Conservation Standard.
  • If your treasure needs Museum Standard we will point you in the right direction.
  • See Question 9 for more details on this important topic.
4. I have an old PHOTO which I want to frame, but it is damaged. What should I do?"
  • PHOTO RESTORATION is the answer. Our photo restorations are first class.
  • Check it out here!
  • We also restore and clean paintings. See this example.
  • Just Contact Us if you think we can help...
5. So where are you, and when are you open?"
  • We are conveniently located at 488 Mt. Alexander Road (cnr Warrick St.) Ascot Vale. On tram route #59
  • Easy parking in front of shop or numerous side streets if you don't use public transport.
  • We are open 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 3.30pm on Saturdays.
  • Of course you can Contact Us or make an Order or Reservation online, anytime.

10 most common questions about Picture Frames.

  • 1. How much will my framing cost?
    • This will depend on your framing size and components required.
    • There are often a wide range of options depending on your needs.
    • Our best suggestion is to bring in your piece for consideration, and suggestions.
    • We offer a free design and quote service and we are also willing to estimate costs over the phone if necessary.
    • However, we can give only a limited amount of design advice without the picture in front of us.

  • 2. How long will my framing take?

  • 3. But I need an urgent job. Can you help?

  • 4. Do you frame Football jumpers, Rugby jerseys or Soccer shirts, and how much does this cost?
    • Yes. We do a lot of football jumpers and soccer jerseys. Our special pinning method stretches the jumper or jersey perfectly.
    • Importantly We use NO GLUE, so the jumper is in mint condition, which adds to its value, and longevity.
    • COST. As you would expect the price does vary, starting from what size it is and whether it is a long or short sleeve jumper.
    • Then it depends on additions required like photos, badges or information plates.
    • We like to "showcase" the jumper by keeping it off the glass, which gives you a "showcase" effect.
    • This sometimes (depending on the frame chosen) requires us to make a "back extension" which costs a bit more, but is well worth it.
    • Prices usually range from $250 to $500. TIP. Most customers comment that the framed item is bigger than they imagined, so it is a good idea to first consider where to hang your jumper.
    • ANOTHER TIP. If you want a descriptive title plate, consider the wording, and also the inclusion of photos, badges, or other relevant memorabilia.
    • Just Contact Us for a detailed quote for your exact needs.

  • 5. How about Medals framing or needlework framing?
    • YES. Bring in all medals, badges, documents, and Certificates, and we can get to work designing a brilliant and decorative piece of memorabilia.
    • Needlework, tapestries, doilies… any material at all. We frame and protect.

  • 6. Can you match the frame I bought years ago?
    • That depends. We use all suppliers, and importers, so if it is available at all, we can get it for you.

  • 7. Should I glue my picture down and what glazing should I use?
    • Depends on what end result you want. Generally, if it is valuable or a collector's item, it should NOT be glued down. If you want a perfectly smooth finish, then glueing is often the answer.
    • There is a vast range of glazing options from glass, non-reflective materials, Perspex to conservation options.

  • 8. Will my picture fade?
    • Any light will affect most pictures. Any pictures should not be hung in direct sunlight. If you are concerned, we offer a range of conservation glazing, which can reduce the effect of light damage by up to 99%. We can advise you in detail.

  • 9. What is archival framing?
    • This type of framing is used to preserve and protect a precious item, such as:
        ♦ an important certificate or a valuable document
        ♦ a rare picture or photo
        ♦ a collectable stamp or coin
        ♦ a treasured tapestry or etching
        ♦ memorabilia item such as a war medal, jumper or hat
        ♦ an investment in a limited edition print or original painting.
    • You will want to preserve it indefinitely, but still have the pleasure of viewing it in the most appealing presentation.
    • To achieve this we use only archival products, with no acid content, or damaging chemicals.
    • Typically, cotton rag board, archival tapes and methods would be used.
    • We have an amazing range of glazing options, which can provide up to 99% UV protection from the light that causes damage and fading.
    • This includes a full range of conservation glasses and acrylics, to suit every need.
    • You can visit us with your precious piece with total confidence for a comprehensive range of options to suit you because we specialise in this type of framing.

  • 10. Can you Deliver and Can you hang my picture for me?
    • Yes! All prices displayed on the website EXCLUDE Delivery. If you want us to arrange delivery please ask for a quote.
    • See anything in this website that you want to add to your "wish-list"? If so, then click the "Place an Order" button and then select the Option to have us provide you with an obligation-free Delivery cost.
    • AND Yes! We have a range of experienced trades persons to safely hang your picture.

5 most common questions about Mirrors.

  • 1. What mirror size would be best for my space?
    • You can solve this problem yourself, by putting up a suitably sized and shaped sheet of paper (via Blutack® is fine) on the wall, where you might want the mirror.
    • Adjust the size and location until you are completely satisfied.
    • You will be surprised how this simple process eliminates all doubt.
    • TIP. If you are not sure if you should go for a smaller or bigger size, most times the bigger the better.
    • This is because the mirror will not cramp the space. Instead, it will expand it and reflect all the good things in the room!

  • 2. What is the best Style of mirror?
    • Usually the best style is what makes you happy.
    • If you are keen on the same style as the house period then we can show you options that suit.
    • There are many for each period and taste. Many more than our website can hold.
    • Check out these Styles, and if none excite you, Contact Us for more options.

  • 3. Should I have a Gold, Silver, Black or White frame?
    • If you have silver taps in the bathroom, most would say silver framed mirror; right?
    • Yes mostly, but you can mix gold and silver too! Maybe even frameless would look great.
    • Don't restrict yourself. Ask us about the options you may not have thought about.
    • And yes, if you love it - it works - decision made.

  • 4. What shape of mirror should I have?
    • We have all shapes - Square, Rectangle, Round, you name it!
    • Look at the shape of the wall, and the other furniture.
    • If everything is "squarish", then some would say use a square or rectangular mirror.
    • However, a round or oval can break up the monotony and become a brilliant feature.
    • Octagonal or diamond shapes can appeal too.
    • Check out these Shapes, and if you can't see what you want Contact Us and we will get it for you!

  • 5. Mirror or Picture? What should I choose?
    • A good mirror has many advantages over a picture.
    • It makes the room look bigger, as well as bringing more light into the room.
    • It has a practical benefit in enabling you to see how good you look!
    • It doubles the enjoyment of the nice furniture you have in the room, or may reflect on the nice garden outside.
    • In a dining room where there is a bowl of fruit on the table, they say you enjoy the fruit 3 times.
    • Once when you see it on the table, when you see it in the mirror, and also when you eat it!
    • Also, usually a mirror does not date, and can increase the value of your house if it suits the house style.
If you don't find the answer you need here, just Contact Us.

Last updated: 4 Jan 2018
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