Photo Restoration

PHOTO RESTORATION - repair of damaged, faded, torn or scratched photos.

We also re-colour, adjust, special effects, enlarge and reconstruct.

We also repair damaged photograph images and documents, including:

• tears, creases, cracks, scratches, stains & blotches
• colour & red-eye correction
• replacement of missing images
• damage involving facial features
Example of Photo Repair

We can Manipulate Images:

Objects can be added, shifted or removed. Photos can be completely reconstructed using parts of other images.
Backgrounds can be changed and images can be resized or cropped. Photos can be joined together or separated. B&W and colour images can also be combined.
Example of Image Manipulation

We can turn B&W into COLOUR:

We specialise in turning B&W photos into natural colour images. These can be done as a full or partial colourisation.
Example of Colourisation

We can create SPECIAL EFFECTS:

A vast range of special artistic effects are available, including Sepias, vignettes, fun-publication themes, text on photo, photo inside text and much more.
Example of Image Recreation


We can provide you with the following additional services:
• image duplication
• multiple image prints
• produce wallet, passport & locket sized photos
• archive your documents or images to CD/DVD
• produce digital camera prints

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